About Me

I inspire women on how to be more aligned with each of their unique gifts and talents to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life, both professionally and personally.  I have found that the biggest obstacle to realizing our goals is simply having the courage and determination to go after what ignites our inner-most dreams.


“If you do what you’ve always done,

You’ll get what you’ve always gotten”


I experienced what many would describe as great amount of success in my career over the years. Reaching some of the highest levels of the corporate ladder along with the titles and salaries that we believe will bring us happiness. However, one thing remained that never seemed to go away. This small-voice inside that always said “there has to be more than this” Choosing to follow that inner-voice is one of the greatest challenges that I have had to face. I chose this work because I believe and have come to find this is the case with my clients.


I have been where you are. Unappreciated, unemployed along with experiencing several career transitions to new industries where I felt unqualified. I felt dissatisfied and discouraged with where I was at that point in my life but I also recognized there needed to be an impactful shift. I knew that I was made for more, that I could do more and I wanted more but did not think it was possible for me to do what was placed in my heart.


Finding direction and focus is something that we all, as women, can at times struggle with. But that is where I can help! I have found that because of my own experiences, I can encourage & empower other women to overcome their fears, doubts and dispel the unbelief’s of “I can’t”, “it won’t work”, “I am not qualified”, “what if?”, “this doesn’t make sense” and so many others.


After graduating from James Madison University, I have had a successful decade long career as a Sales Professional, focused on business development, account management, training, mentoring and coaching over a variety of industries including hospitality, warehouse, software/tech and the human services field at both small and large corporations. I look forward to using my life’s experience to enrich yours in any way I can!